Dan Brown, a resident from Lincoln, NE, appeared on the syndicated WWTBAM show in 2010 and won $5,000 for himself. His profession is a YouTube channel owner under the pseudonym "pogobat". Here is how Dan did.

Dan's Run to the Million Edit

$500 (1 of 15) - 15 seconds
Someone who claims to be in "hog heaven" is experiencing what emotion?
• A: Joy • B: Sadness
• C: Anger • D: A deep craving for salami

$1,000 (2 of 15) - 15 seconds
The 2009 exhibit "Monsters of the Deep" at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science showcased which of these animals?
• A: Hyenas • B: Tarantulas
• C: Sharks • D: Rattlesnakes

$2,000 (3 of 15) - 15 seconds
In the nineteenth century, what sport was commonly known as "hockey on horseback"?
• A: Rugby • B: Polo
• C: Squash • D: Golf

$3,000 (4 of 15) - 15 seconds
"There are some nights when/sleep plays coy/aloof and disdainful" is the opening of a Maya Angelou poem titled what?
• A: Kleptomaniac • B: Diabetic
• C: Insomniac • D: Asthmatic

$5,000 (5 of 15) - 15 seconds
In September 2009, what acclaimed director was arrested in Switzerland after thirty-one years on the lam?
• A: Roman Polanski • B: Werner Herzog
• C: Milos Forman • D: Lars von Trier

$7,500 (6 of 15) - 30 seconds
Which of these classic Disneyland rides is an indoor roller coaster?
• A: It's a Small World • B: Space Mountain
• C: Mad Tea Party • D: Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

$10,000 (7 of 15) - 30 seconds
A popular sauce in French Provençal cuisine, aïoli is traditionally a garlic-flavored what?
'Ask the Expert' lifeline used
• A: Hot sauce • B: Mustard
• C: Ketchup • D: Mayonnaise
Unsure of the answer, Dan asked the expert, René Syler, who thought the answer was B: Mustard or D: Mayonnaise, but mainly B: Mustard because she thought she saw a Dijon mustard mixed in with aïoli. With 12 seconds left, Dan said B: Mustard as his final answer, but got it wrong and left with a guaranteed $5,000.